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Thursday, June 7, 2018

So Sad,.. real time web live traffic finally retired or shutdown their service

Setelah sekian lama memberikan manfaat kepada jutaan website di dunia sebagai penyedia gratis layanan live traffic akhirnya pensiuan alias tutup alias retired , ketika Anda mencoba mengakses website Anda akan menemukan pesan seperti berikut :

Feedjit is unfortunately no longer available. The service was run as a hobby site for many years. Due to emerging cyber risks and regulatory requirements, it is not possible to continue to operate Feedjit as a not-for-profit fun service without incurring significant costs.

For this reason we are regrettably shutting down the service. 

Both Kerry and I hope you enjoyed Feedjit for the many years that it was running. If you are looking for a way to view your website traffic in real-time, I recommend you install Google Analytics and check out the real-time view.


Mark Maunder. 

Selamat beristirahat dengan tenang feedjit (RIP), terima kasih atas layananmu yang luar biasa, sampai ketemu lagi di layanan inovasi lainnya.


Hery Purnama